Crescent Edutech

Post Graduate Diploma in Oil and Gas Technology

 India’s economy has been among the fastest growing in the world, and a growing economy means a rising demand for energy. By 2025, India will be the third-largest energy consumer in the world if current trends continue. Students  have many career options in the oil and gas sector. The technical management skills necessary for employment in the oil and gas business are provided to students who enroll in this course. Each student gains a thorough understanding of this sector and is better equipped to handle the most recent demands in the petroleum industry through real time practical instruction from industry specialists.  Candidates with a mechanical engineering diploma or B Tech are best suited for this program. Candidates with experience in this industry are in high demand for a variety of work opportunities in middle eastern nations.

Course overview

 Crescent Edutech is the top training institute in Kochi that provides you post graduate diploma in oil & gas technology. Each student receives a thorough understanding of this industry through our the PG diploma in oil and gas, which is also a widely recognized credential in the oil and gas industry. This curriculum gives students who are looking for careers in the oil and gas industry with high pay scales abroad.

Course Duration

Post graduation diploma in oil and gas is a  one  year course  . It is a useful course that covers the oil and gas sector. The curriculum will prepare students for successful employment in India and abroad in the oil and gas, renewable energy, and other related industries.

Job Designations

Job opportunities after post graduate diploma in  oil and gas

Instrumentation and control engineer
Process Engineer
Project manager
Electrical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Civil structural engineer
Piping engineer
Drilling engineer
Energy engineer
Engineering geologist