Crescent Edutech

Certification in Piping QC

All engineers should be multi-skilled and specialists in at least two or more specific technological fields.  Despite the large range of engineering disciplines, recent engineering graduates might not be able to meet the  current industrial requirements. To close this knowledge gap, new engineers must undergo training and certification under a specialization certification program in order to deepen their knowledge to the level of an engineer with  years of relevant industrial experience. Nowadays, almost all sectors regard specialization certification programs to be a necessary prerequisite.

Course Overview

Crescent Edutech offers certification in Piping QC.The course is an excellent addition to the engineer’s toolset because it will aid in the development of a strong and adaptable knowledge base on the piping profession. Engineers will be better equipped to influence their coworkers and advance their career prospects through a clear, simple, and targeted learning approach.  The training is perfect for people who want to manage their workload better and make a bigger impact on their organizations. The course will provide students the chance to practice these skills while they are learning it, with an emphasis on practical, hands-on methods that may be used right away.

Course Duration

The Curriculum lasts for 3 months classroom training covers every subject, in addition to onsite instruction.Cresent edutech provides the Piping QC certification, and the best training in Kochi.We guarantee all students 100%placement assistance.

Job Designations

Job opportunities after getting certification in Piping QC
  • RTFI Inspector.
  • Welding inspector.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • QC inspector.
  • Quality Engineer
  • NDT Engineer